Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Rainbow Bridge glass heart - Charlie my love

Tuesday December 15, 2015
For those of you who follow me, you remember we had to say goodbye to our 4 legged boy Charlie November 2, 2015 and we had him cremated.  We got ahold of Rainbow bridge hearts  by email (again - we did this in 2013 for our little 4 legged girl Ginger). They send you a tin, plastic baggie and self addressed stamped envelope. You put two tablespoon of ash into the bag (any remaining that they don't use you get back with the heart) and put it in the tin and send it back to Rainbow Bridge hearts.  Now this can be done with humans or any loved ones. The pet part is Rainbow bridge hearts the human side is Artful ashes.  If you are lucky enough to live in Washington State you can go to the glass shop and watch the heart being made. It only takes about 6 min. Then they put it in a kiln to cure and send it to you in a week or so with your loved ones name engraved on the back. They have hearts or globes. I love the hearts.  They have different color choices. We wanted black and red and Rich told us the red could come out burgundy or purple looking. We didn't have any problem with that and glad he told us the chances of color change. We're very happy with the outcome. The white part you see are the ashes of our loved one. It's really a work of HEART..

Our little loved one - Charlie. I cry daily missing him. He's left a big hole in my/our heart but we have a heart with part of him in it..

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