Sunday, August 07, 2011

Sunday August 7, 2011 I have been seeing on online stores with the SMASH book where it's a bound book that you just paste, staple, doodle what ever you want into it like your cool doodling images, memories items, keepsakes that mean a lot to you but don't know what to do with it. I have things in drawers that are memories but don't really want for a scrapbook so I do like the idea of putting those little things somewhere so they are all in one place. I thought since I have the CINCH binding machine why not put it to good use. I did not know what I wanted for a cover page so thought of all the words that mean a lot to me. Then gave to DH and with using Excel (I have no idea how to use it) he did this for me. I love how it came out its words that are ME and I love how he made the sun yellow and the word color to have color.. there is still room so I can doodle or something on the front to still make it more me.. I took different scraps of ribbon for the spine to give it more of a colorful look.. remember I love the word color.. the size is 8.5-11...
This is the inside cover. I love dragonflies so it had to have that.. I just wrote a saying I saw the other day inside.. When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure.. I took a book mark that a dear best friend made me in the envelope. I lost her almost 3 years ago from a heart attack so those words are so special..

Kind of a view to the inside there are card stock pages, and decorative card stock pages I kind of went mute colors so that what ever I was putting in there would stand out and not compete.

The inside back page.

The very back of the book. I may or may not do anything to it.. Well see.

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