Sunday, April 25, 2010

Kristina at Kwernerdesign challenged to use 5 items on your table to make a card.

The flower was one I tried the other night for a card I just posted this weekend but it was too big and color wrong so made others to go with other card, the green square is from a card I made the other night not knowing how many of what color squares I would use and this one was left over, the heart is from a punch that does a double heart, the small one from the center was from a card last week or so and this was left over, the bird was from a card I made earlier before this card, the hello stamped piece I was going to use on another card I had made but it just did not look right and why throw away. So I am happy with what was left on my desk, and I had other to choose from but thought these would work best.

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